Morning Message of Motivation
June 22, 2020
Morning Message of Motivation
June 24, 2020

Morning Message of Motivation

Paul and Barnabas: 8
Rev Robert Ampiah-Kwofi

Peace between brethren can sometimes be difficult to secure, but the benefits are very great.
Enjoyment of life and seeing good days.
1 Peter 3:10 NKJV
For “He who would love life And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil,
And his lips from speaking deceit.”

Seek peace and pursue it.
1 Peter 3:11 NKJV
“Let him turn away from evil and do good;
Let him seek peace and pursue it.”

Relationships are easily lost, unless there is someone who actively seeks and pursues peace.
Proverbs 18:19 NKJV
“A brother offended is harder to win than a strong city, And contentions are like the bars of a castle.”

Abraham knew that securing peace with Lot would not be easy, because the servants of Lot were the ones spearheading the fight.
Genesis 13:7a NKJV
“And there was strife between the herdsmen of Abram’s livestock and the herdsmen of Lot’s livestock.”

There was nobody around Lot to give him any proper counsel.
Proverbs 11:14 NKJV
“Where there is no counsel, the people fall;
But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.”

Lot’s wife was famous for bad judgment.
There was no hope for wise counsel from Lot’s wife. She couldn’t even follow a simple directive from an angel, not to look back. Our Lord Jesus used her as a warning against those who turn back.
Luke 17:32 NKJV
“Remember Lot’s wife.”

She turned back and became a pillar of salt. Lot had no counsellor to advise him to stop striving with Abram, his blessed uncle. However, Abraham by divine love offered him a very sweet deal.

Lot chose the best land, but God was with Abraham.

May you follow peace with all men. May you pay the price to establish and secure peace with your brethren, in Jesus’s name.

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